CalArts, Valencia, CA

In her Essay, ‘Giving an Account of Oneself’, Judith Butler writes, “We cannot exist without addressing the Other and without being addressed by the Other.” Addressing leading to recognition serves as a catalyst for identity and a reflection of our reliance on the Other.

You/Screen/Me brings the viewer into an acute moment of recognition due to my unexpected presence. 
As the viewer walks into the space that is completely surrounded by curtains they are presented with a chair and a television set. This television set is connected to a live recording camera that sits just outside of the curtain and is filming me. I remain completely still and silent for approximately 10 seconds. I make my presence known by speaking and looking in their direction. At this moment the viewer realizes they are not alone, and that they are not just observing; they are being addressed. The phenomenological effect of seeing someone on screen and hearing them authentically right next to you brings into question the viewer's relationship to the environment, as well as their relationship to the art and artist. After the initial introduction, I continue to speak and engage the viewer in an effort to create a dialogue. These conversations mostly manifest as story telling that reflects the ideas of recognition, the Other and identity. The viewer is invited to stay for as long as they like.