Nothing Human Loves Forever

Nothing Human Loves Forever is both an installation and a place for one on one encounters between artist and viewer. The installation consists of a double wide coffin, a sitting area, reading material and other works by the artist including the book When You Die You Will Not Be Scared To Die and the piece A Prophet You Can Depend On (a tarot deck comprised of only death cards). 

Through conversation, exercises and audio components artist and participant consider why humans refute death, why intimacy is difficult and why both incite fear. In hopes of further understanding how love and death are intimately linked the encounter pulls from artist Dario Robleto’s phrase, “With nothing to risk, love cannot exist.” Examining loss as a site of creative invention, death as an intimate space between strangers, and love as vulnerability and strength, these performances aim to offer space for viewers to have an intimate experience with their own fears of love and death.