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Parting Practice: Rituals for Endings and Failure

In the new performance series, Parting Practice: Rituals for Endings and Failure, Tunkl invites participants to explore their fears and experiences of death, dying and haunting. The sessions incorporate methods of psychoanalysis, cognitive therapy, sound therapy, Buddhist meditation, somatic practices and humor as a tool for healing. The performance continues her long-term interest in connecting with individuals one-on-one in completely ephemeral and interactive performance pieces.


Group Workshop 
November 3rd, 2018 6pm - 8pm
Adobe Books 
3130 24th St. 
San Francisco

This workshop book ends the Day of the Dead celebrations and will focus on coming to terms with mortality and embracing ourselves as future corpses. Tunkl wrote her book, When You Die You Will Not Be Scared To Die, as a response to her own fear of death and dying. The lists in her book are meditations, mantras, spells, promises and ritual. In this workshop the book becomes an example and jumping off point for participants to create rituals out of their fears. Rituals can be many things; brushing your teeth, calling your mother every Sunday, lighting a candle for the dead etc… Through embodiment exercises, group discussion and group activities participants will explore their own emotional relationship to dying and create their own mortality honoring ritual.

Group Workshop and Book Signing
July 14, 2018 -  2pm-4:30pm
E.M. Wolfman General Interest Bookstore

410 13th Street, Oakland
No RSVP required  / Free and open to the public

This workshop will explore individual and collective fears around death and dying and offer strategies to explore these fears in vulnerable ways, together. For many, processing grief is a solitary activity, loss feels isolating, and our fears can make it impossible to reach out. When we come together we find the comforting echo of a shared experience and new perspective. This workshop is highly participatory and will include visualizations, auditory components, laughter, crying, and light touch with other participants (optional). E.M. Wolfman General Interest Bookstore is handicap accessible, but the bathroom is up a flight of stairs. If you plan to attend the workshop, please arrive on time. The workshop will be followed by a book signing from 3:30-4:30pm.

Lands End Coastal Outlook, San Francisco
July 15, 2018
One-on-one 50-minute Parting Practice session / Free

Email Partingpractice@gmail.com to set up session

These sessions will focus on the persistent and often inconclusive nature of endings. The natural world serves as a great teacher in helping us feel peace in recognizing our own finite existence and the fact that all living things eventually die. With Land’s End as a backdrop and touchstone, participants will engage with the end of the land, the ocean as an infinite ending, and the participant’s personal fears of dying.

Lake Temescal, Oakland
July 21, 2018

One-on-one 50-minute Parting Practice session / Free
Partingpractice@gmail.com to set up session

To some degree, Californians live in fear of the inevitable earthquakes of the region. These fears are expressed in a myriad of forms including humor, denial and fascination. The location of Lake Temescal was chosen for Parting Practice sessions as it sits on top of the Hayward Fault line—an area recently deemed “a tectonic time bomb” by a respected geologist. This location serves as a symbolic departure point that illuminates the unique fear our region lives with. In these sessions, participants will be asked to consider that death is imminent at any moment and consider strategies to allow this fact to be a healing force rather than a fearful one.

Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland
July 22, 2018

One-on-one 50-minute Parting Practice session / Free
Email Partingpractice@gmail.com to set up session

Adding a layer to the fear of dying, the idea or the very real experience of haunting can be a paralyzing fear for many. Grief, nostalgia, hallucination and deja vu can all be considered forms of haunting –Tunkl examines how the things that haunt us (individually or collectively) have value beyond our current recognition. In these sessions the artist attempts to reframe haunting in its many forms as not always malicious, but rather an experience to be embraced and engaged with open-heartedly.